Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Year End Review - 2014 Goals

So a quick year end review first.  2013 was not an easy year.  It was full of hard work and seemingly little pay off.  Of course I'm saying that in my whiney voice.  This last 6 months have been very hard but I survived and I'm better for it.  Here is a list of victories for 2013 (not bragging just reminding myself that it wasn't all bad)
1. I have a 4.0 in my doctorate program after 5 classes (Fall 2013 had me taking 3 classes so I'm very surprised by the 4.0)
2. I completed my first 10k with a time of 83:30.  I set the goal at the beginning of the semester so it was a good end to the whole thing.
3. DH has an ownership stake in the local coffee shop.  Never saw that coming.
4.  Ravebaby is alive and well!  Not always an easy thing to do with an active pre-schoolers who also has a wheat allergy.

2013 was okay but I'm ready to kick 2014 in the ding-dong (Per Max Reynolds of Social Bliss).  I'm setting just a few fitness goals and keeping myself flexible since the 10k was a mid-year goal.  I don't want to focus on my weight.  Honestly I'm so sick of that shit!  I'm a big girl and I'm beautiful.  Fitness to me is about being and feeling stronger so that is what I want.
Goal 1 - Complete at least one Mamavation 2-week bootcamp.  This will push me to do some strength building workouts with accountability.  I hate weights but I got to get stronger for goal #2.
Goal 2 - Work my mile time down to 12min miles. I think this is modest and do able.  Right now I'm at 13:30/mile.  I'm at a loss how to do this but I'll get there.
Goal 3 - Run another race.  The weekend doctorate classes have kept me out of most races this last semester but I want to keep completing races.  I think it will keep me running since I"m goal oriented and it will keep me working toward Goal 2.

Goals not set - weight.  This just doesn't seem like a good measure of anything so why bother focusing on it?
Distance - I want to run a marathon at some point but I just don't want to go there yet.  I want to run faster maybe I'll end up running a half-marry or full marry who knows at this point.

So that is the year-end review and where I'm thinking of going.  Let ring in the new year and then kick in the ding-dong!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Ravebaby

Ravebaby is now 4.  Her birthday was yesterday.  Really I should be calling her RaveChild but it doesn't have the same ring.
Time flies by so quickly.  Seems she was just a baby and now she is so grown up.  She is all of four but she is so grown for her age.
Happy birthday Ravebaby!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Slut, Ho, Tramp and other words I'm not sure I'm using correctly

Okay so last night DH and I had a conversation about words used to describe a woman's sexuality/sexual activity.  As a first-generation Mexican American I feel like I have missed out on some on the subtleties of the English language.  In an effort to help the rest of my fellow ESL folks here is the proper usage of terms of female sexuality, according to DH and life in deep East Texas:

(ranked in no particular order, mustly just alphabetic since I am a librarian)

Bitch - This word is more about attitude than sex.  To be stubborn or contrary or in general not doing what a man wants you to do

Heifer - This is a regional word used to mean a woman that is very large or bitchy. 

Ho - This is a shorten form of Whore and this is a very bad thing.  To be a HO one must not only be promiscuous but also stupid or dimwitted.

Hooker - Another term for a prostitute but not as bad a term as whore

Promiscuous - to have many sexual partners in a short amount of time.  This person might not be promiscuous all of the time and the total sexual number of partners over her life time might actually be small. 

Prostitute - One who takes money in exchange for sex
Slut - this is a positive term used to describe a woman who is comfortable in her sexuality
           This is why slut-shaming is bad.  Everyone should be comfortable in their sexuality and own it and no  one had the right to make you feel bad about knowing who you are.
              A slut is not necessarily promiscuous.  Someone who is promiscuous is not necessarily a slut.  However, you can be both at the same time.  That is like a geometry proof!

Tramp - this word has fallen out of fashion and is now commonly used to describe a tattoo above a woman's butt crack.  To be a tramp a woman must be a submissive person who is easily lead.  This woman may be monogamous or promiscuous, either way this is a state imposed on her.  Often she wants love and affection but is given sex instead.

Whore - this is a derogatory word for a prostitute. 

This is not a comprehensive list just a start and a start in conversation.  What do we mean when we use one of these words?  Context changes the means of words and thankfully context will usually tell you what the word means but if you are an ESL kid like me context doesn't give you everything.

I hope you find this list helpful and please feel free to add.  This is just a list as I currently understand it.  I mean I thought a hood-rat was an actually species of rodent so I could totally have one of these wrong.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mamavation Mom Application

So I decided to apply to be the next Mamavation Mom!  I'm so excited about the possibility to detox my house and lose weight.  Actually I'm not so concerned about the weight thing.  It has been a while since I blogged mostly thanks to the whole working on a doctorate thing but back in September I started working toward running a 10K!  The 10K is next week and I'm ready but this leads to the whole weight thing since I have not lost a single pound!  At least I didn't gain!

Anyways back to Mamavation.  I love the whole group of Mamavation Moms.  They are a super supportive group and I'm excited about getting back into the Mamavation swing of things.  My schooling has pushed everything not school and family to the back burner but I'm ready to get back to normal and enjoy some social media time again.

If you are so inclined, I highly encourge you to join Mamavation.  Seriously a more supportive sistahood does not exists online.  Here is the link for more information on becoming a Mamavation Mom:

So join up!

Oh and here is my application video.  Enjoy!