Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Heartburn and nightmares

Well I have entered the everything gives me heartburn phase of pregnancy! I am not a fan of heartburn and there doesn't seem to be a pattern to what gives me heartburn. I wish there a list then I could just avoid those things but so far it just seems to be everything. I am getting better about snacking since I can't eat big meals, those always cause heartburn, I am turning to eating smaller meals more often. I still don't really want to eat and it is very rare that something is appealing. I miss the days that I really craved something good to eat. Now I feel like I eat just because I have too.
I also had a nightmare the other day about Baby Bud. I was dreaming that the baby arrived early and nothing was ready. The room was still empty and the diapers were all still in gift bags in the dining room and I could not find a blanket. In the dream the baby was freezing and I couldn't find a blanket! I know it's just me worrying about being ready. For most things in my life, I just go with the idea that what didn't get done didn't really need to be done but some how that doesn't seem to apply here. With Ray's ban on me working on the room still in place, I'm worried that the baby will be here and the crib will be in box because the floors aren't ready. I'm not use to be so out of control!

Friday, October 23, 2009

"OMG, Momma has belly worms"

Well I've blogged several times about my dogs Snoopy and Jasmin. Today, we'll talk about Snoopy! I have always treated my dogs like babies. I love to snuggle with them and often have them in my lap. Jasmin is not one to relax in my lap. If she's in my lap, she wants to lick my face, which is not my favorite thing. Snoopy on the other hand will get in my lap, flip over and happily take a long belly rub.
So yesterday, Snoopy decided to be a good dog and let momma give him belly rub. He was all relaxed with his head on my baby belly. He was so cute! But then the baby started to move. At first Snoopy just seemed confused and then he was terrified! He jumped off of me and ran to the other side of the couch. My dog is scared of my baby!
Ray tells me to think of it from his perspective. He was relaxed and then something started moving in momma's belly. To him, I just have a deadly case of belly worms or something equally terrible. The dog has been avoiding me and looking at me with a sad look on his face. I'm not too sure what to do. I don't want Snoopy to be scared of the baby but I don't think I can really explain to him that I have a baby, which is a good thing, not worms in my belly.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Unpleasent surprise

Well yesterday I was helping Ray clean the backroom so that he can finish refininshing the floor and so we can start painting. As I pulled off a picture from the wall some of the paint came with it. No big deal right? Well I noticed that there was brown spot on the wall. I asked Ray what it could be? His response mold.
I'm not happy about this discovery. I'm glad we found it now and not after the baby was already living in the room. I would hate to think what that would do to a newborn! But it does mean we are in the process of stripping the paint in the room to see where the mold is and to clean the mold. I'm also puzzled as to how the mold got there in the first place. I can't see any water damage and the wall is not currently wet so how do we have mold between the paint and the wall? Well anyways, we have a lot of work ahead. Must more work than we had thought but we'll do what we have to for a healthy baby.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Went to the doctor today . . .

We saw the doctor today. I was shocked to find that I had gained 5 lbs in one month! I guess it's normal to put weight on at this stage. The doctor and nurse seemed to indict it was ok. I think the most interesting part was the visit itself. We had our first meeting with Debbie last week and she made sure we knew everything that was going on and why she was asking. The doctor didn't ask me anything and didn't really seem in the mood to talk. I know he was tired. I was the last appointment of the day. He had a long surgery earlier that day but that's not my fault and I'm a first-time mom so I would like some attention. Last time I was in the office, I came home to find a message about starting iron pills, this visit he didn't even bring it up. I had to ask if I need to continue taking the pills. When I mentioned the morning sickness was back, he said it was just reflex and that I need to elevate my head in bed. Like I said the visit was short and it felt short. I was also informed that I have to start coming in every two weeks! Man I hope the doc is in a better mood next time.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Met with Midwife and had Lamaze class

On Thursday, Ray and I had our first pre-natal visit with our midwife, Debbie. It was a wonderful appointment. Unlike meeting with the doctor, I wasn't afraid to ask stupid questions. Debbie didn't treat any of my questions like they were stupid and tried to reassure me that everything was going well and that I was in fact normal. I think the best part of the visit was getting results right away. I know my ob/gyn sees lots of people a day so 90 min appointments are possible and getting my blood work back especially if it is normal is not a top priority. But it was good to get the blood work back while Debbie was here and to talk to her about the results. My iron is still a little low but Debbie said that was normal at this stage and we'll just keep monitoring it. What was not so good was my blood sugar. It was low. So again, I have to work and make sure that I'm eating just about every two hours.
I think the biggest difference was just a feeling of peace that I had after the appointment. I usually leave the doctor's office wondering if there was something I should have asked or worried that I'll get a call later to tell me that I need to come back in there was something wrong with my blood work. I remember after my last appointment, we got home and we had a message that I need to call the doctor because my iron was low. How low? What does that mean for the baby? Did I need to do something different with my diet? All of those questions were left unanswered. With Debbie, she was able to tell me right away what was going on and what we needed to do to try to fix it.
Lamaze was a bit disappointing. First we were the oldest people there! We are all of 30 but believe me, we were the oldest couple there. Second, I don't think I learned much. We did three breathing exercises in like a 15 min span and that was it. Most of the class was focused on what we would be feeling and seeing at the hospital. We talked about birthing positions and very barely touched on visualization techniques and no other methods of relaxing during labor. I do think the childbirth educator was trying to encourage people to go into labor and try to do it naturally. She did talk about the dangers of medical interventions, which so of surprised me. I figured that at a hospital we would be taught how to best help the doctor out. Well, after Lamaze I did feel like our decision to have Baby Bud at home is the right one. I want the freedom to walk around and eat during labor. While Morehead does try to let you have freedom it is still a hospital. So, so far so good. We go to the doctor on Thursday so we'll see how that goes.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Morning sickness again

Okay, I think the reality of situation is starting to set in. I have morning sickness again. I thought the food thing was the problem. If I just eat more often then I'll be fine. It worked for about a week. I was dry heaving just in the mornings until I got some food in me but that is no longer the situation. Now I have the dry heaves and nausea more or less all day! I hate the nausea.
I think it's much worse now than in the first trimester. Now I have heartburn and indigestion along with the nausea. I have to eat because the baby needs food but I don't want to eat because I'm afraid I'll hurl.
Today I had a scary moment and it also help me see that my students do actually care. I was sitting at the circulation desk and suddenly felt the need to hurl. I thought I was managing to hide it but that was not the case. One of my students looked at me and said, "Mrs. Coleman are you alright?" They covered the desk while I ran to get food and despite the feeling that I need to hurl, I was actually alright. I felt sick for a few minutes but otherwise I was fine.
Pregnancy is so much harder than I thought it would be. I never knew that nausea was so hard on the body. I hate the sudden heaving and overwhelming need to eat all at the same time! Maybe I'm just a wimp.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Bud wants food

Okay by far the hardest part of being pregnant is the required eating. I have to eat every four hours or so. If I don't I start to dry heave. Today was a big reminder that eating is a must. I was walking down the stairs and I started to heave. I ate some lunch and felt so much better. Then I was planning on skipping my afternoon snack and then I started to heave.
I'm not a snacker. I don't like to eat outside of my three square meals so this is a huge change for me. I must eat for the baby. It's really strange having to eat around the clock. I think the hardest thing is the eating in the middle of the night. I wake up in the middle of the night and eat. I can't believe how much eating I have to do. I wonder how much weight I've gained?

Friday, October 2, 2009

We have a midwife

I think last night was some of the best sleep both Ray and I have gotten. I don't think we realized how much the issue of finding a midwife was really weighting on us.
I think you have to let the Lord lead you and you will be given exactly what you need. We were led to Debbie. We meet with and talked to Debbie for over an hour yesterday. She is exactly what we were looking for, a comforting presence and an experienced midwife. She told us of the most common complications she has seen and what she has done to handle the situation. She has a very nurturing aura and I think with her help I can bring Baby Bud into the world in the comfort of my own home.
We have our first prenatal exam with her next week. So I'll be being seen by my Ob/Gyn and Debbie. I don't think you can really have too much prenatal care and we think that if the worst does happen and we have to transfer (and have time) then we'll already have a relationship with the hospital.
It's hard to believe that I'm at 27 weeks! Baby Bud is moving and kicking around like crazy. It is fun to call Ray over and have him lay his hands on the baby and feel the movements. I'm surprised by how strong the kicks feel. The heartburn isn't fun but it's a small price to pay. Strangely the part I'm really struggling with is eating. I'm not really hungry and it's hard to force myself to eat. I think eating breakfast and eating in the middle of the night are the hardest. I'm not a snacker normally so the this whole eat every few hours is tough!