Sunday, October 11, 2009

Met with Midwife and had Lamaze class

On Thursday, Ray and I had our first pre-natal visit with our midwife, Debbie. It was a wonderful appointment. Unlike meeting with the doctor, I wasn't afraid to ask stupid questions. Debbie didn't treat any of my questions like they were stupid and tried to reassure me that everything was going well and that I was in fact normal. I think the best part of the visit was getting results right away. I know my ob/gyn sees lots of people a day so 90 min appointments are possible and getting my blood work back especially if it is normal is not a top priority. But it was good to get the blood work back while Debbie was here and to talk to her about the results. My iron is still a little low but Debbie said that was normal at this stage and we'll just keep monitoring it. What was not so good was my blood sugar. It was low. So again, I have to work and make sure that I'm eating just about every two hours.
I think the biggest difference was just a feeling of peace that I had after the appointment. I usually leave the doctor's office wondering if there was something I should have asked or worried that I'll get a call later to tell me that I need to come back in there was something wrong with my blood work. I remember after my last appointment, we got home and we had a message that I need to call the doctor because my iron was low. How low? What does that mean for the baby? Did I need to do something different with my diet? All of those questions were left unanswered. With Debbie, she was able to tell me right away what was going on and what we needed to do to try to fix it.
Lamaze was a bit disappointing. First we were the oldest people there! We are all of 30 but believe me, we were the oldest couple there. Second, I don't think I learned much. We did three breathing exercises in like a 15 min span and that was it. Most of the class was focused on what we would be feeling and seeing at the hospital. We talked about birthing positions and very barely touched on visualization techniques and no other methods of relaxing during labor. I do think the childbirth educator was trying to encourage people to go into labor and try to do it naturally. She did talk about the dangers of medical interventions, which so of surprised me. I figured that at a hospital we would be taught how to best help the doctor out. Well, after Lamaze I did feel like our decision to have Baby Bud at home is the right one. I want the freedom to walk around and eat during labor. While Morehead does try to let you have freedom it is still a hospital. So, so far so good. We go to the doctor on Thursday so we'll see how that goes.

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