Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Heartburn and nightmares

Well I have entered the everything gives me heartburn phase of pregnancy! I am not a fan of heartburn and there doesn't seem to be a pattern to what gives me heartburn. I wish there a list then I could just avoid those things but so far it just seems to be everything. I am getting better about snacking since I can't eat big meals, those always cause heartburn, I am turning to eating smaller meals more often. I still don't really want to eat and it is very rare that something is appealing. I miss the days that I really craved something good to eat. Now I feel like I eat just because I have too.
I also had a nightmare the other day about Baby Bud. I was dreaming that the baby arrived early and nothing was ready. The room was still empty and the diapers were all still in gift bags in the dining room and I could not find a blanket. In the dream the baby was freezing and I couldn't find a blanket! I know it's just me worrying about being ready. For most things in my life, I just go with the idea that what didn't get done didn't really need to be done but some how that doesn't seem to apply here. With Ray's ban on me working on the room still in place, I'm worried that the baby will be here and the crib will be in box because the floors aren't ready. I'm not use to be so out of control!

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