Podcasts, Blogs, Instagrams, & Websites I love

Just sharing the podcasts, blogs, Instagram feeds, and websites that I read and love.  Some info, some inspire and all are wonderful.

So I am adding podcasts! (10/29/19)
Go listen to (You can find them all on Spotify)

Tattooed with Children (FlavaRay, The Dread Pirate Benjamin, and CIO No Payne talk about life, love, tattoos, and children)

Swindled (A Concerned Citizen shares stories of loss, thievery, conmen, and general assholes who ripped people off.)

Sleepy (This one puts me to sleep but that is actually the point of the podcast.)

My girl Sharon Rose Mayes has a fantastic book series and in general, a cool website/blog thing going on so go check her out!

Instagram you need to visit:
My personal Instagram: @latina_dr_of_ed

Websites to visit:
Galloway Run/Walk Training Method
Women's Flat Track Derby Association