Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In her own crib?

Well, last night was a strange night in our house. Miss Audrey did not want to sleep with mommy and daddy. Audrey and I go to bed together at about 9pm. I'm usually exhausted so 9pm is the perfect bedtime for me. I usually nurse her as she drifts off to sleep and I watch her until I'm asleep. It works for us. I'm happy she's happy, Ray gets alone time until he comes to bed around midnight.
Well last night Audrey did not want anyone to touch her or be near her. I nursed and nursed but she would not go to sleep so Ray took her so that I could get some sleep. She fell asleep on the couch next to Ray but she had to be spread out in a huge "y". Every time he would try to bring her to bed, she would wake up and cry. Finally around midnight she came to bed nursed a bit and went to sleep. When I woke up around 4 to check on her and nurse her she was spread in a huge "y" and Ray and I were both barely hanging on to the bed. After her 4am feeding she curled up with me and slept. She was finally so milk drunk that she didn't care if mommy was touching her.
It was strange. I felt so rejected by my own daughter. She's only 3 months old and that seems very young to move her into the crib and away from us. I think I'll be exploring the sidecar option. I don't want her in another room but I want her to have space. What is a mother to do?

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