Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My left boob is an overachiever

I like to come with funny titles for my blogs. It's almost the best part. Maybe that is why people use Tweeter. Its short and sweet.
Anyways on to today's topic. So I'm pumping and noticing a huge increase in production. Okay so like 2 oz doesn't seem huge but it is. I've gone from 10 oz a day to 12 + oz a day. I'm not sure if Audrey is ramping me up for a growth spurt or if I need to put away the Milky Tea.
It doesn't seem that I have much extra milk since Audrey is eating thur everything I leave for her but I want to reach my goal of 150 oz in the freezer so I can donate and so far I'm at 130. The problem I'm having is that only my left boob is ramping up. I don't think I'm too lopsided yet but I'm starting to get a little self-conscience about it. I can't produce an extra 2 oz out of one boob and it not be noticeable, right?
I'm not sure if that means anything that lefty is out producing righty. I try to feed her off both in a normal switching rotation. I drink my Milky Tea on both sides of my mouth. Both boobs are in a bra. I have no clue why the change! But if I start leaning to one side when I walk I'll blog about it!

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