Friday, June 4, 2010

EC - 2nd week

Okay so first I owe DH an apology.  In my last EC posting I made him sound very unsupportive of the whole EC thing but this week he has actually been trying it!  Tuesday, I got Audrey to poop in her new Baby Bjorn potty!  Then later that day, DH put her on the potty again and she peed!  We are still just occasional ECers but at least we are trying.  We aren't pushing her just giving her a chance.  If I put her on the potty and nothing happens, it's cool.  It's not about training her, it's about learning how to communicate with her.  When does she go potty?  What are her signs?  Not sure just how far we are going to take it.  I think the occasional potty trip is plenty here.  I think anytime we save a diaper we are doing well.

We are also starting to cloth diaper.  Again nothing big just the occasional cloth diaper here and there.  I'm beginning to build a stash.  I have 6 GoodMamas and 3 TotBots but only one wool skirty :( We are also in the middle of moving and still don't have a washer so we are nowhere ready for full-time cloth.  But I'm hoping with a little more stash building that I'll be able to save the disposibles for the rare occasion rather than the everyday.  We'll see.  Back to packing  . . .

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