Thursday, August 19, 2010


Today's topic at La Leche League meeting was weaning.  We wrote weaning stories for our children.  Some from experience, some of us for the future and others with stars in their eyes and babies in their bellies.  They were beautiful and touching.  You could hear the pain in the stories.  The acceptance of letting their children grown up and ending the breastfeeding relationship.

I dread the idea of weaning Audrey.  I love breastfeeding her.  The closeness and bond we share.  The private mommy and baby time that no one else can ever have with her.  I'm hoping we'll make it to 2 year for Audrey.  DH and I have talked about trying to have another baby after Audrey turns one, which would mean tandum (sp?) feeding and bfing during pregnancy, two things I had never thought about doing.  Feed two babies at one time when they are different ages the thought had never crossed my mind.  I had always thought breastfeeding during pregnancy was dangerous.  So many things to think about! 

For now Audrey and I are dealing with thrush.  I hate thrush.  I honestly think it hurts worse than childbirth!  so we'll continue treating with Grapefruit Seed Extract.  It is clearing up just not gone all the way.

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