Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas do over

So we are coming up on Audrey's first birthday, which is 7 days before Christmas. So this won't be her first Christmas. But I want a do-over! Her first Christmas was spent running from the NICU to the local hospital. It should have been fun and full of love not spent under a bili-light! We were unhappy last Christmas. We had a beautiful baby girl and had a wonderful homebirth only to end up in the hospital anyways! To make matters worse, we had lost our heat when after Audrey's birth out boiler caught fire. Audrey was the only reason we got out of the house. She was less than a day old and she saved us!

But back to Christmas, there aren't any baby's second Christmas shirts and cute outfits to celebrate the happiness around bring with our family for the first time in like 5 years. I don't think Audrey will remember this Christmas either but I know I will. I'll get to hold my baby while celebrating Christmas with my mom and dad and the in-laws. It won't be her first and maybe won't be her bestest ever but I can't wait to open presents with her on Christmas day.


  1. Same heerreeeeee!!!! we get to have the do-over! There was lots of crying last Christmas.. this one will be full of them. My mom and my sister are flying from Venezuela to be with us and celebrate a Birthday and a 1st Christmas.. =)

  2. I knew you would understand. These babies in the NICU for Christmas thing is not fun. I can't wait to spend Christmas at home!