Monday, February 14, 2011

How to win stuff

So I know alot of you have heard about moms that use to keep their families going by entering sweepstakes contest well you too can join in on the fun!
I myself have won boots from BearPaw shoes, flip-flops from FeelzGood shoes, green cleaning products from Green Irene and most recently Rockin' Green laundry soap from a momma blogger.  So how do you do this?  It's easy!  You just got the contests and enter.  Usually you have to go to a website and then come back and comment.  Then you get extra chances by "liking" pages on Facebook, following certain people on Twitter, following blogs via Google friend connect and each blogger will add other ways to win.
It's easy and fun.  I only enter contest for things I want but there are so many contests going on at once you could spend all day entering.  It is hard to keep up!
So I'll give you a lead.  A mommy-blogger who's blog I love even without giveways has a contest going on right now at Naturalmente Mama.  It ends on Feb 17th but she has lots of ways to win and the first entry is super easy, just tell her how you plan to eat more whole-grains!  I'll warn you she blogs in Spanish but she always lists her contests in both languages so don't get discouraged and head her way! 
As I find more cool contests I'll try to blog them up.  The best way to hear about contests is really Twitter.  Just start following some momma bloggers and they'll post their contests as well as other bloggers contests up.  Join in the winning!
Here is Maybelline's link again:

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