Monday, March 7, 2011

I think my weekly habit is killing my kid!

Okay so as you might know I'm Catholic. Since I am Catholic I attend Mass weekly. As part is Mass, I receive Holy Communion, which is a disk of wheat. So every week, I have wheat. It's not much wheat but yes I, the Wheatless Mama, have a bit of wheat each week.

This has not seemed to be an issue with my breastmilk; I guess in the grand scheme of my diet it is next to nothing. The problem I am noticing is a kiss sized rash on Audrey's cheek. It seems to appear on Mondays; the day after I normally take communion. I'm thinking I am taking communion and then kissing Audrey. Is it possible that she is reacting to such a small exposure? DH doesn't react when touching wheat but I was using a hair oil on Audrey that had wheat and her scalp broke out! Poor thing, I think her allergy is worse than her dad's.

With Lent starting on Wednesday, I have a lot to think about and pray over. Can/should I be taking communion if I am Wheatfree? Is it possible to still feel connected with my faith if one of the most important parts (communion) is missing? Audrey vs Jesus? This is going to be difficult.


  1. Wow! poor little Audrey! maybe this is your time to approach the church and talk about it.. because it means she would be in pain if she takes the communion.. I just hope it gets better!

  2. Would your church consider gluten free wafers?

  3. Never thought about asking about wheatfree/glutenfree wafers. Someone else mentioned that it could be cross contamition from the shared communion cup. Things to think about and worry about it. I guess for any mom the worries never end.

  4. I'd talk to your priest about it--probably not the first time a little one has had food allergies. We have a family that has 3 kids with multiple (and varied) food allergies and the church has figured out good ways to keep them included at the communion rail, but also food safe. It may help that our priest has celiac's and so is very understanding of the need. Poor Audrey :(. Very much hoping our baby manages not to have food allergies!