Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thrush Again!

So you know I'm passionate about breastfeeding.  Part of the reason so many mom's give up on breastfeeding is the lack of help when it comes to dealing with problems.  The problem that almost sunk my breastfeeding was THRUSH!  I hate thrush.

I first got thrush when I had been breastfeeding about 3 weeks.  I leaked and still leak like a loose faucet and I decided to save money by buying cheap thin nursing pads.  So cheap that they trapped the milk next to my skin and I developed a yeast infection on my boobs, thrush.  Yes, it's just like a yeast infection in your vajayjay and it is treated about the same.

My problem was that I didn't get help as soon as I had a problem.  I thought it was my latch.  I thought it was not nursing enough.  I didn't ask for help.  By the time I got help I was literally on my knees at night crying for hours the pain was so bad.  One time Audrey tried to latch and I screamed and then she screamed and we both cried for an hour.  It was bad.

I ended up going to my gyn/ob for an RX for diflucan (sp?).  I had to go through two rounds!  I also used Grapefruit Seed Extract and coconut oil.  It was a good month before it was totally gone.  Don't wait!  If you think you might have a problem ask for help.  Ask a friend, a local La Leach League leader, heck send me an email but don't suffer to the point of quitting, besides it hurts!

Here are some links that I found very help and that I turn to, even now going through thrush for the 4 time!

Dr. Jay Gordon: Identifying Thrush and how to use Grapefruit seed extract

KellyMom: Thrush Resources

Coconut Oil for Thrush Treatment

La Leche League - Thrush

Hope a momma with thrush finds this helpful.


  1. I had thrush with my son or maybe he had thrush. Either way we both ended up with it. They wouldn't give me something for him just told me to get either gentian violet or and OTC medicine. I went with the gentian violet and the pharmacist said that it would turn him blue around the mouth.

    I thought maybe that meant a blueish color but not very noticeable.

    It looked like he had been sucking on an exploding ink pen. He had BRIGHT blue (like an inkpen had spilled very thickly) pretty much all over his face.

    It did however take care of the thrush. (I also looked like I had ink on me but luckily that was covered by a bra and a shirt.)

  2. We've used Gentian Violet too. Everything turns purple or bright blue just like you said. I've actually found it is hard to find. But it is good stuff, cleared me right up.