Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fuck you lazy Martha!

Today was a true test of commitment to running.  At noon, I struggled to get out of a chair so I decided I should skip today's C25k run.  Who would know?  Who would care?

Lazy Martha was working hard to justify staying home.  Get off your ass (GOYA) Martha was just not stepping up to the plate.  My hip was hurting but too badly.  My feet were sore from wearing high heels last night.  I had so many reasons to skip.  Then all of sudden GOYA Martha stepped up!  If I don't go today then I have to go Monday morning and then to work.  It makes the morning tight.  If I wait until Monday night then I'm tried from the workday.  Tuesday we have gymnastics with Audrey so no gym time.

1pm when the gym opened up I got off my ass and went to run!  I did it!  I actually ran all 4 runs from C25K.  I felt so good once I got that last run done.  So I think I put lazy Martha in her place.  My next run should be Tuesday but I'll go Wednesday morning then I'll be into week 5.  Almost half way to a 5K! 

Today's song: Roam by the B52s

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