Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One last class together

Tonight is Ravebaby's last mommy and me class at the gym. I find myself getting emotional about it. One last mommy and me class before she moves on to the big girl level. Once she moves up that is it. I will no longer be on the may with her. I'll be in the gallery next week and from now on. I'll be just another mom watching.

Between the potty learning, sleeping more and more in her own bed, and now moving to the big girl class, she is growing up so fast! Seems like I was just in the birthing pool holding Baby Bud and now I have Ravebaby on the verge of being Ravegirl. The time just flys.

I don't think watching the Olympics is helping. I look at her and I see all the potential in the world. Ravebaby can be anything, can do anything, and yet what I want is to make sure she is happy, what ever that means. Next week I start sitting in the gallery after that maybe we can finally conquer pooping in the potty.

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