Monday, December 17, 2012

Mamavation Monday: The Scale

So I don't own a scale.  I honestly have zero clue how much I currently weight.  I decided to toss the lbs number when my weight didn't change after 4 months of training for a 5k.  How in the world did I not lose a single pound when I went from zero exercise to running or training to run a 5k?  No diet changes for the good or bad.  Just added running every other day per my C25k training plan.
DH would roll his eyes everytime I would mention my lack of weight loss.  To his credit he would point out that he could tell my body was changing.  He could see me getting smaller.  I could see me getting smaller.  Why isn't the scale changing?  Since DH is a physicist, his response was very scientific, it is just the pull of gravity.
Why do I care how gravity pulls on me?  Maybe the Earth is just hugging me close :)  So I have not weighted myself in months.  My best guess is about 210.  Some people might wonder why I am sharing such a large number.  Well I am not ashamed.  It is just a number.  I am still a wonderful wife, mother, & friend.  So if you want to send some cute and sexy big girl clothes my way, size 14, go right ahead.  I am fabulous no matter what I weight!  And I'll let you in on a secret, you are too!

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  1. Great, the number does not define us... good job

  2. Love it! I focus more on inches lost than the scale because I can see inches. Great job on training for a 5k! If you have any questions about Mamavation I am here to help (@ShannonMSander). Welcome to the group :)

  3. You ARE fabulous! :-) welcome to the group!

  4. You have a GREAT attitude! And yes, you CAN do it! I have a scale and it beckons me to stand on it daily. It's something I try to avoid, but I can't.