Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mamavation Monday: 2-week challenge wrap up

So I finished the mamavation 2-week challenge and my number one take away, working out doesn't have to take hours!  Now when I run I'm usually making a commitment to running around an hour.  I am the sort of person that avoids weights mostly because I find them intimidating and I have know clue what to do.  So enter the 2-week challenge and a personal challenge to finish.  There were three workouts, cardio, abs, and arms.  You hit each one twice a week and watch your body change!  Now my results were dramatic,I think I need to have a better diet for dramatic but I'm very proud to report having lost an inch on my waist!  I have been amazed that none of the workouts took longer than 40 mins and I felt great.  I noticed the exercises got easier and I got faster. 

So I know I can commit to 40 mins a day for me.  The arms portion was the fastest so if nothing else I have zero excuse for not getting beautifully sculpted arms and as I build muscle I burn more fat!  I have dropped long runs for a more balanced workout.  I'm going for short runs 1-2 miles plus one of the exercise set from the 2-week challenge.  So I've already completed one of my goals for the year, to complete a 2-week challenge.  I'm feeling good and ready to keep it up.  I'm thinking next go around I'll sign up for the advanced 2-week, I mean if I stay on track the beginner will be too easy next time around.  Set my goals high, right?


  1. Great job rocking out the 2 week challenge! Way to go

  2. Congrats! And yeah, I like to set my goals high as well!! You can do it!