Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Your Love and Your Absence Feel the Same

 I'm not much of a poet but also I have words that need to go somewhere so here they are.

Today I realized that your love and your absence feel the same.

You let me chase you.

You force me to chase you for a crumbs of attention.

You like it.

You get off on being the object of my love.

I chase.

I chase.

I give.

I sacrifice.

You take.

You take.

You refuse.

I chase.

I give more.

You take more.

You ghost me.

I chase harder.

I give more.

Except, you forgot I don't need you.

I have me and mine.

You were extra.

So when I stopped, I didn't notice your absence.

I noticed my freedom.

I could breathe again.  

I guess you haven't noticed I stopped.

Honestly, it hurt to stop because if I stopped I had to see that I was running from myself.

So I'm not mad.

We're good.

Your love and your absence feel the same.

I choose me.  

I choose mine.

The door is open to you but I'm not holding my breath anymore.

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