Friday, May 22, 2009

Eden's the place to be

Well after my disappointment with my doc in Danville, Ray and I decided to visit Morehead Memorial in Eden NC. It was the first time that I felt that someone was really there to answer my questions! We had a wonderful tour and visit. Rather than just dismissing my questions and concerns, the nurse took 45 mins to talk with us about what we could expect and why it would be that way. Rather than tell me something was trendy and no one really does that, the nurse explained why the hospital had certain policies. Someone answered my questions!
I know that doctors and nurses are two different jobs but still the doctor could have take a minute just to say, I'm running late and I hate to leave but please write your questions down and we'll get them all answered next time you come in. Rather than tell me I was making late for his next patient.
Anyways, I like the policies that Morehead has in place. They are things I can live with. I won't be able to deliver in water but I can labor in water. I won't be tried to the fetal monitor or an IV unless it is absolutely necessary. They also offer a birthing ball, I can deliver in any position that I find comfortable, and they assign one nurse to you during each shift so no random people touching me while I labor. All things that make a 1st time mom feel better.
In order to deliver at Morehead, I'll have to change doctors but I'm okay with that. The new practice is set-up much like the one I went to in Danville, four doctors and you see all four but at least this practice delivers at Morehead rather than Danville Regional.
I do hope this is the best thing for Bud. Yesterday after our tour was the first day I felt good about the prospect of delivering a baby since my 1st doc. appointment. I guess the decision to deliver in Danville didn't sit well with me after all. Thank God for Ray. He knew what I needed and made sure I got it.

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