Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Supreme Court Justice

I won't normally talk politics on my baby-blog but this one topic really seems to fit. Yesterday for the first time a Latina was nomiated for the Supreme Court. Considering that I am a Latina with post-graduate education, I have to say I feel some pride in knowing that a glass ceiling has been broken or at least is a little closer to breaking. Will I ever be asked to be a Supreme Court justice? God help us all if I ever am. I have no training and no desire but I would love to be the Librarian of Congress. That's a political position I really could see myself doing and doing well.

But anyways, how does this relate to Bud? Ray and I talked about it yesterday and it seems that Bud might grow up in a world where he/she really could be anything he/she wants to be. Bud is going to a half-Black/half-Mexican child with two educated parents. Being biracial in American isn't easy and I can't image being biracial in the deep south is going to help but Bud is going to see a world with an African-American president (well really a biracial president) and a hopefully a Latina Supreme Court Justice. How lucky is that?

I remember the night Obama was elected, Ray cried and said that now little black children really could grow up to be president. I hope he is right. I hope Bud will grow-up and no see limitations in front of him/her. I never dared to dream too big. How could a little Mexican girl in Texas ever grow up to go to college? My parents didn't speak much English when I was born and they worked so hard they often couldn't help me with my homework. Yet, I manged to get into a wonderful woman's college and go on to earn two graduate degrees. Maybe I did limit myself but I don't see limits for Bud.

I don't want to push and live out my dreams through Bud either. But when Bud wants music lessons or to play sports, I hope that my hard work will mean that I have time. Time for Bud. Time to help him/her achieve his/her dreams. Maybe Bud will be president, maybe a college professor, maybe Bud will just be a damn-good hairdresser but Bud will never have limits placed on him/her. Bud will go as far as Bud wants to go and not limit his/her dreams to what the past has said is possible. This is a whole new world and Bud will be ready for it.

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