Friday, August 21, 2009

Baby Bud picture assassin

In our house no one or dog likes to have their picture taken. Apparently, Baby Bud agrees that pictures suck. We had our second and possiblely last ultrasound today. According to Ray just as I turned my head to rest my neck, Baby Bud looked directly at him and as soon as the tech was about to take a 3D pic, Baby Bud turned his/her head! I totally missed the whole thing. After that Bud hid behind the placenta! We could see the little face in 2D but 3D was a no go.
We did have good news today. My weight and blood pressure are right on target. Baby Bud is also right on target. Bud is also breech! The head was in my belly button! It was fun to watch the baby. Because everything is going well we probably won't have another ultrasound, unless Bud doesn't turn.
Hopefully the hard part of work is over. It's been a crazy two weeks. I've been running up and down the stairs and building hooking up computers and fixing other technology issues. I'll be running the whole media center by myself for the next two weeks so I'm nervous but still the teachers know to be nice so I think we'll be okay. I'm also getting better about putting my feet up. I've been having huge sausage toes at the end of the day! We'll see how things go. My next project is to clean the room for Bud!

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