Monday, August 10, 2009

Second hand stuff

Well i asked my mom for advice yesterday on what should be on my gift registry and I got a long lecture on not getting things second-hand. I'm not the sort of person that asks people for things. I hate the idea of the gift registry. It feels like begging! But I know that when you have a baby you need all the help you can get and besides people want to help. I know that I always want to buy at least something small for people when they are having their first baby, anything after that is begging!
My mom offered to buy us the crib since that is what she has bought for all of the other of her grandchildren. I said thank you and buy whatever you want. I don't like to tell people what to get me. It is rude to demand and cribs aren't cheap. But my mom has good taste, better than me, so I want her to have the liberty to buy for her grandchild whatever she wants. I casually said that she could buy me something second-hand if she found something she liked. Then she went into the tirade about buying things at Goodwill and swamp-meets. Okay, I do understand her point, which was that you can't always clean things well and you do not know what kind of house the stuff has come from. This is a good point. I don't want something from a smoking house and if the baby was sickly I probably shouldn't use that with my own child. She did say that I need to know where stuff is coming from if I getting second-hand. Don't risk you baby just to save money. I guess my mommy does have a point but I will be taking second-hand stuff from friends so anyone trying to get rid of stuff just hand it over here!

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