Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Almost there (the room anyways)

Well, Baby Bud's room is almost ready. If we can get some good weather then we'll be able to stain and seal the floor and then time to move stuff in. Now that the room is Bud's color, it feels more real. Like we are really making room for Bud in our lives.
I know that Bud keeps me up at night and makes sure that I eat on schedule. You would think my frequent trips to the bathroom and the ever present wrist splints would make Bud real but it's still hard to think of Bud outside of me. What will Bud look like? Is Bud a boy or a girl? So many questions and now only like 6 weeks. Time is really flying!
yesterday Ray and I attended a breastfeeding class at Morehead. Ray was the only man there. I was glad he was there. After taking some notes my hand went numb so he took notes for me. I don't I realized how nervous I was about breastfeeding. I think my nervousness is really about the returning back to work aspect. I want to breastfeed for at least 2 years but with me returning back to work after just 6 weeks, I'm not confident that I can keep it going.

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