Monday, November 30, 2009

Moving the Bud in

Well we are finally done painting and flooring Bud's room. Now we are moving things in. We need to buy the crib but when we went to order the crib, the shipping cost was a $100! So we have decided we are going to buy something local. It may not be the crib of our dreams but for an extra hundred we can get a pimped out crib rather than just a plain crib via the interwebs!

I can tell I am running out of room in my belly! On Friday, the baby managed to wedge into such a horrible position that I was crying from the pain. Finally Ray got Bud to move by talking to him/her. Bud seems to follow Ray's voice so Bud flipped over and I got some relief. I can also feel that head butting up against me. When I walk it hurts! Just feels like the baby's head is ready to pop out. I know it's not that easy but still that is what it feels like.

I am also suffering from major baby brain. People have to keep reminding me that I am graduating from Averett in two weeks. I totally forgot to order my robe and hood so I'm going to borrow one and wear my robe from my other graduation.

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