Friday, May 28, 2010


Okay I admit it, the first time I ever heard about a 2-day-old baby using a potty instead of a diaper, I thought it was a load of crap (pardon the pun).  I had never heard of such a thing and had never known anyone who did elimination communication or was diaper-free.  I was intrigued so I looked it up and thought well I work so I'll never have time for that.  Once we decided for DH to become a SAHD, I knew he would never go for it.  Who potty trains a child that can't even walk?

Okay then I met 'T' at a babywearers meeting and she kinda explained it to me.  I also looked it up on and found some good advice.  I think the number one thing I found out is that it is not all or nothing.  I can part-time EC.  I can use a diaper as a safeguard and just take it off when I think Audrey needs to go to the bathroom.  In other words, you can EC as much as you can fit in.

So that bit of info made me brave.  I can do this.  Audrey is smart.  I'm smart.  Peeing is natural and keeping your pee on you is not.  Besides I hate using disposable diapers and again DH is not going for cloth.  One day I just decided to see what Audrey would do.  I took her diaper off and I put her on the potty.  I thought she needed to go but nothing.  So I went back to the changing table about to put on a diaper and feeling a little defeated and then I got a bright idea to hold her over the trashcan.  After all she has seen us put dirty diapers in the trashcan all of her life, maybe she thinks we peed in the trashcan.  So I held her over the trashcan and started saying 'PSSSSSSS' and she peed!  My first successful attempt to ED, not in the toilet but I got the trashcan.  I was able to have her do it once more and then last night was a break thur, she peed on the potty!  We sat there for a few minutes so she could get more comfortable and I was making my "PSSSS" sound and she peed.  I gave her lots of praise and kisses and announced it on Facebook, like a good mommy.

So I'm working on switching to cloth diapers for nighttime, DH is not convinced, and ECing when I'm with her, DH is not going to try.  I've been told Baby Bjorn makes a great baby potty and for only $20 or so from Amazon, I think it's worth the money.  Besides we'll need it once we do "potty train."  So that's my adventure into EC for now. 

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