Friday, April 29, 2011

My greener period

So I've been slowly trying to green up my life.  I figured that it didn't make sense to cloth diaper but use disposable pads myself.  Besides I was getting so sick of missing my pad all together so I decided to try to Instead Soft Cup

Why the Instead?
Reason 1:  I could buy it right off the store shelf.  I had just missed my pad again and I was not going to take it laying down.  I had to do something now!  I headed to CVS and bought a box.  About $7 for 14 cups.
Reason 2: I had used them before.  Way back in my Hollins days, I had heard some girls talk about the cup and I tried.  After leaving my bathroom looking like a murder scene I gave up.

Well this time around I tried for two periods.  I did use back up, a pad, but didn't need it, mostly.  I did struggle to put it in place properly.  I think with more practice I"ll get it down.  My second month I got it in place twice!  Now the placement is very important but I found that even if I didn't place it just right I still didn't get the horrible bloody butt of shame that comes from an accident.  I would just pour/empty directly into the toilet.  It was much easier.  The times I got it in place just right where wonderful.  Nothing on my pad.  Nothing in the toilet.  It was like not having a period at all!

I did also notice that my period was shortened by a day.  Instead of my five day cycle, using the Instead soft cup I only had four days.  I have no clue why.  I know that other women have reported the same thing.  Maybe it just because you are catching it at the source instead of just running out of you so you have one day less of mess.  Whatever the reason I was super happy.

I didn't have any issue with putting my fingers in there or touching my period.  That is so high school!  I've given birth at home in my livingroom.  No point in getting grossed out now! :)  I know it would bother some people but I was cool.  

I feel like it was worth my time and money.  I will have to buy more before my next cycle since I don't have enough to last me but they are at my local CVS and Walmart so I don't really have to plan ahead.

I am hoping to buy a Diva Cup.  I hear it sits lower in the vagina so the placement is easier.  We'll see.  Unfortunately, the Dive Cup does require some preplanning since you have to order it.  I am also hoping for kit from LunaPads.  I really want to ditch the disposable pads.  If Audrey gets cloth then I want some too!

We'll see how my greening efforts go. 

PS This is totally my opinion.  Instead did not pay me :( to say anything for them.  I bought the box and just wanted to report my findings.  On to the Diva Cup!

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