Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The wheat challenge

So about a month ago, Audrey visited the allergist.  She had the skin tests done, everything was negative.  She also had blood tests done about a week later and those results also negative.  So what is a mother to do?  Challenge the diet.

You would think I would happy and jumping for joy.  No more wheatlessness, horray!  Not really.  I remember the screaming, the horrible skin, the baby that was so unhappy.  Why would I want to do that again?  But you have to take the plunge, right?

We decided to try it.  First just Audrey having a little bit of wheat.  She had a chicken nugget from Chick-fil-a.  Her reaction that night, not too bad.  She seems more irritable than normal but no midnight screaming fits.  That was Saturday; Monday she had a tempuraed shrimp.  Again nothing bad that night.  So we move on to Friday, now it was time for me and Audrey to both go back to wheat.  I had onion rings and a crawfish salad (crawfish were breaded).  Audrey was allowed to eat anything off our plates, as usual.  That night, not so good.  She was not a happy child.  No screaming fit but she was scratching all night.  The next day her skin didn't look bad but by Sunday the poor baby had her whole back covered in eczema. 

We are wheatless once again.  We are also sleeping pretty close to the whole night.  We are unsure of what do.  Tests say no allergy but her skin is reacting.  DH has a wheat allergy so being wheatless really should be a must for him.  Honestly I'm feeling a bit clueless.  We go back to allergist next week.  I guess we'll see then what the next recommended step might be.


  1. Doctors are a necessity but at the end of the day you know you're little girl and if you consider she has a reaction then she has it.. you know her at her best!

  2. I hesitate to comment since all the food I don't eat is completely by choice(ie vegetarian) but I've found that there are things out there to help you digest things that are difficult. Actually come to think of it- as a child I had horrible skin reactions to dairy but got over it eventually. My hope is similiar for Audrey.

    Since Audrey & Dad don't have "severe" reactions at this point with minute amounts--I wonder if something to help digest might help. I say play it safe for now&avoid all pain for Audrey...but maybe later work on developing those belly digestive enzymes- when she gets big enough to handle a little more.