Tuesday, March 5, 2013

State of the Union - Wheatless Mama & DH edition

So every year the president of the US gives a State of the Union Address. In our house we do something similar only more frequently. There are times in each marriage that you need to check in with each other. I mean at times that you are not mad or on a happy we just fell back in love time. Just a neutral and honest conversation. About once a month, usually while watching TV, DH and I will have a state of the union talk. How are you? Where are we? Anything we need to work on? Anything I need to work on?

So what is the purpose of this? Well to be honest it just talk time. DH and I are talkers. We talk all of the time, to each other. Honestly there is no one else I would rather talk to than DH. Also it's good to see what the other one is thinking. We are not always in a happy patch, personally and therefore not in our marriage. We feel like only talking when things are at extreme ends, good or bad, makes it difficult to know where we really are with each other.

I mean when I am mad I bring up everything under the sun. Remember when back in high school I caught you talking to that bitch Heather, well . . . You can see that would go nowhere quick! Equally post awesome sex is not the right time either then it's all sunshine and happiness. Remember when Ravebaby was born and we were so happy and . . . Again not very productive.

I think these talks are so important to us because we have had some rough patches. About a year ago we were as close to calling it quits as we had ever been. To be honest I was about a week from grabbing Jailbait and just cheating to purposely blow up my marriage. When I am unhappy I have a mean self-destruct mode. It takes talking it out to bring me back from the edge. So instead of blowing up my marriage I blew up my career. Best decision I could have ever made! So much happier now and back in that I love my husband phase of life. How long will it last? Who really knows?

I mean we have to work at it and as the best piece of marriage advice I ever heard was just don't fall out of love at the same time. Forever is a long time. Yes other people will be attractive. Yes there will be times it would be easier to quit or to cheat but our vows said for better or worse. Luckily nothing last forever, so good times come and go but that is also true for the bad times. If it is bad now, just hold on and it will get better. Honestly, I have fallen out of love and back in love about 4 times in 11 years, not bad, I think. Each time I remember why I fell for DH in the first place. I love his humor, his ability to read people, his smile and yes his body. He is my Dear Husband (DH) and for better or worse he is suck with this bag of crazy.

So the state of this union is strong. The state of this union is moving forward. The state of this union prefectly wheatless :)

Below is a picture of DH:

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