Saturday, April 5, 2014

Song response: Emblem3 - Chloe (You're the one I want)

If you don't know this song then look it up.  It is fun and pop-py and sounds like a wonderful idea.  You are just you and I love you for you but listen and it quickly turns into the backhanded complement of the year!

Chloe, I know your sister turns everyone on
But you're the one I want

No talk about Chloe being hot.  Nothing about Chloe at all.  We know her sister is hot but what about Chloe?  Is she the fat one with a great personality?  What about her turns you on?  I think you just hope the fat chick will put out.

I love the way that you like candle light

Why the candlelight?  So that you don't have to see my face?  Seriously!

The video is even worse for the back-hand!  They won't let in the models but the Chloes are all model without makeup on!  Where are the girls that look like me?  Actual curves and a spare tire?  I'm fucking hot and turn people on too, right?  Well according to Emblem3, they just settle for me.  I'm not that hot but maybe I'll put out for the right complement.  I don't like this song.

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