Sunday, July 5, 2009


I was recently speaking to a friend about his grandmother. She has been on a steady decline and they expect she'll pass any day now. But this really got me thinking about my own grandmother, who died in 1997. She lived in Mexico but we saw her usually twice a year at the least. My parents always worked hard to make sure we didn't lose our connection to Mexico and to the family there. Now I find myself in a similar situation. How do I make sure that Bud knows his/her family?

Since moving to Virginia, we have made a few trips back to Texas. I know the situation is a little different. Mexico was an eight or so hour drive and Texas is an 18-24 hour drive depending on the traffic. But I still wonder how will Ray and I ensure that Bud knows the rest of the family. I guess the easy solution would be to move back or at least move closer but we are happy here. I think Ray and I have finally found our place in the community and we feel like we have support enough to raise a child. If we moved now we would have to start that process all over again. I know our parents would love to see us move back. Maybe someday we will but for now we're staying put. So how do we raise our child to know about the family when we have no family around?

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