Friday, July 31, 2009

We're creating a monster

I have one day until comps! Needless to say I would love a good night's sleep. In order to accomplish this task I went to be at 8pm on Wed. Ray came in and we prayed and I got settled in but Ray refused to say good-night to be Baby Bud. He said the baby was not ready for bed so he would be back to wish the baby a good-night. Well I didn't fall asleep until after Ray wished Baby Bud a good-night 2 hours later!
In fact I honestly believe that Ray's refusal to say good-night to the baby was reason I started to hurt that night, Baby Bud's feelings were hurt. I was sleepy and feeling pretty good. 8pm seems like a good bedtime for a pregnant girl and for a baby too. In my house, growing-up, we always wished each other a good-night. Since we've been married, Ray and I always pray together before we go to sleep, or better said, I go to bed and he stays up til like 1am. I like the ritual of wishing each other a good-night. It feels like family. I'm guessing that Baby Bud is growing to like our nightly ritual too. Every night since we found out there would be a baby, Ray has talked to Baby Bud and usually sings too. Baby Bud must have his good-night kisses from daddy. If this kid is this way in utero, I hate to see how demanding he or she will be out in the real world. Considering the demanding nature of this child, I am beginning to think it is a girl!

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