Tuesday, July 14, 2009

things I miss

Okay, why doesn't anyone ever tell you all the things you have to give up just by realizing you are pregnant? I'm not talking about alcohol or smoking, I mean the normal everyday things that you enjoy on a daily or weekly basis, such as chocolate. I know I spend a lot of time whining about being pregnant but I have found that this is one time that I can whine with being called a whiny-baby so I'm taking it.
But back to my point, no one told me that mint could or in my case does lead to vomiting and added nausea. I love peppermint! Now I can't even chew mint flavor gum without throwing my stomach into fits. I miss soda and sweet tea. While you can actually have about a cup of coffee daily without any problems, I have really tried to cut my caffeine consumption to nothing. I do make de-caf sweet tea at home but it's difficult to find de-caf soda or tea in the real world, outside of Lemon/lime soda, which I have already stated piss Bud off since Bud hates lime.
Lots of other things I've had to give up come mostly from being me and being pregnant. Things like fried chicken and limes are not a general pregnancy thing but a Martha pregnancy thing. Not that that makes them suck less but at least other woman can take heart in knowing that they won't have to suffer with those food aversions, they will have their own.
I think the part that I find most upsetting is the feeling that everything is changing. Yes, I knew that things would change for me but every woman in my family got to have carefree pregnancies but I get to suffer. Just doesn't seem fair. I was watching ABC the other day and they were running a special on teen pregnancy and this 16-year-old girl was crying and saying, "It's just not fair. Everything is changing for me and nothing is changing for him!" I laughed at first but now I kinda understand. I watch Ray eat fried chicken and wish I could enjoy one with bite but it's just not worth the vomit fest that would follow. What has he had to give up? Ray is a good man and I know his life is changing too but all I want is to enjoy my two boxes of Thin-mints! Truly, life is not fair.

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