Monday, September 19, 2011

Hip, Hair, Hooray!

So my hip is better!  I'm stopping the ibuprofen as of today.  Not sure about running yet.  I want to see how I do without any medicine before I stop jogging again.  I guess I need to start slow.  We'll see.

I'm loving this haircut!  I just use a little water and a bit of curl creme and off I go.  It's so easy!  Why didn't I do this forever and a day ago.  I must admit I still miss the sleek look of my straighten hair but the wash and go ease of this hairstyle is hard to beat.  With a 21 month old, the whole bed head look is tops.

I had a wonderful first LLL meeting on Thursday.  I had two leaders and four moms.  I did the ABC's of breastfeeding and we had really good discussion.  Even carried the meeting on to the local coffee shop and closed them down.  It was nice to have a girl's night out.  I did miss having my Audrey but it did me a world of good to go and hang with girls.  I can't wait for my meeting next month. 

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