Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Local Music Tuesday: The Factory

Today I am highlighting The Factory. Why highlight The Factory? Well it is the home turf of one Max Reynolds, a budding mega star (in Korea). The Factory is where quiet shy librarians go to become punk rock bassist! It is where physicists go to become blues guitar legends. It is where toddlers go try their little hands at all things music. In other words given half a chance the Wheatless Family lives at The Factory.

I have the honor of being one of the few people to have never missed a single show. The Factory opened its doors in January of 2012 and the last Friday of this month it will be celebrating its one year anniversary show. You must come down. You will love it.

Seriously we have fun at The Factory. As Ravebaby says: we are family at The Factory. Join the family!

I've included a few videos so you can feel The Factory. Enjoy!

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