Sunday, January 27, 2013

#Mamavation Monday: I need a partner. In crime

I don't know about the rest of you but I really struggle to work out on my own. When DH was working out with me, I was on the ball. How wants to give their partner yet another to rag on them about? I would get off my ass and workout. Now that DH is out due to illness and back trouble I just can't get into the rhythm of a daily workout. I have managed to workout every Monday but that is about all. I must get off my butt. I miss running but I am lacking an armband and like a good whiny bitch I am letting it keep me down. DH is finally getting us an infusion of cash so I am buying my armband and am getting off my ass. Must get off my ass!

Oh I forgot to tell you ladies that I am in the process of applying for a doctorate program in education to start n the Fall. I really want to make working out a habit now because once that program start I will have 100 excuses! I just need a way to distress and working out/running has been a God-send. I will do it!

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  1. Congrats on going back to school.
    If you want we can check on each other on twitter to keep us on track @monicazyoung
    Hugs and good luck this week

  2. I think having a health partner makes a huge difference. My husband is very encouraging to me, but it's not easy to get time to exercise together. I love it when I'm able to work out with a friend, it makes things much easier.

  3. Woah. A PhD in Ed? You go on with your bad self! (I have my Master's in Eng Ed, and I can't decide if I ever want to go further.) Having someone to hang out with when working out is a BIG deal!!! I understand completely.

  4. Congrats on going back to school - that is SO awesome!

  5. Yay for going back to school! I hear you about the excuses, though. I hope you get your armband soon and can make running a habit again. I love how it makes me feel and hate to even miss a day now that I've started being consistent! Find me on twitter if you want to hold each other accountable, @gfunkified.