Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bud in Pictures

Today we had our first ultrasound! It was an amazing experience. I didn't expect them to find Bud so quickly. I couldn't help laughing/giggling when they show us Bud. Everytime I saw Bud move I laughed. I know I ruined a few pictures but when Bud moved he looked like he was laughing. Just the thought of the baby laughing just tickled me.
Ray was complete overwhelmed by the whole thing. I think seeing the baby for the first time just took his breath away. It was overwhelming for me too. I just couldn't believe that that was my baby. I think I have been holding back on really connecting with Bud. Like since I hadn't seen the baby, the baby didn't really exist. Well no more. Baby Bud is in there!
Just a funny thing about the ultrasound. They had me empty my bladder in the middle of the ultrasound session in hope that that would make Bud move more but actually Bud when to sleep! The tech had me move around to awake Bud up! Ray and I both had to talk to Bud and try to get him to move! It was funny.

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