Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm cramping!

I am cramping like crazy. I thought that cramps would be out with my period. They would be something of the past until after the baby. I asked the doctor at my appointment today and he said they are perfectly normal. One of my friends also confirmed that cramps are normal. As long as there is no blood then everything is fine. so far so good. no blood, just cramps and nausea!

The new doctor was awesome! I really like him. The nurse was great. Both actually took time to ask questions about our lives. Where do we work? Are we excited? Was the baby planned? Dr. Disappointment didn't even realize that he had seen me before. I have much better feeling about this practice. I felt kinda bad I didn't have more questions. This doctor had actually craved out time to talk to us. We don't get to see the baby until June 24th. It's a long time to wait! The doctor did try to let us hear the heartbeat but it was still a little to early.

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