Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Puke and other things not fun

I've got one day til I hit 11 weeks. After 11 weeks things are suppose to get better. Puking and nausea should lessen and be all but gone after week 14 or so. After paying homage to the porcelain god this morning, I swear week 14 can't get here soon enough.
I hate this up and down feeling. I had a great day yesterday! I was able to walk and geocache without any problems. I felt good. No nausea at all, no cramps, just a great day and then this morning slapped me in the face. Do I want to be sick 24/7, not at all but this whole wonderful day followed by awful day isn't fun. It also makes it hard to plan. I have school work to get done and no energy to do it.
Tomorrow also starts a new phase of Bud's life, fetus! I hate that term, fetus. It just sounds awful. Bud is a baby. Has been since well like Easter so going from embryo to fetus doesn't mean anything to me but I know that in medical terms its a big step for Bud. With each passing day, Bud gets stronger and is less likely to jump ship. I think I read that the placenta will also be starting to function once we hit week 11. Big steps that will hopefully mean I spend less time puking and more time getting Bud's room together.

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