Monday, June 22, 2009

No trip to Texas

Well after much debate and soul-search, we've decided to stay put. There seems to be much turmoil going on and I just don't need the stress. It's amazing how even though we live 20 hours away, people still try to suck us into their problems. Can I really do anything for you from Virginia other than listen? Is there a reason for you to dump your problems on me?
We both love our families. No family is perfect and God knows ours are no exception but something I really have to wonder how it is that we were all raised in the same family and can turn out so differently?
I hope that we'll go to Texas next summer with a 5 or 6 month old Baby Bud. While my child will never be a Texan, he/she should still see what makes Ray and I so Texan. Baby Bud is a Virginian by conception and will be a North Carolinian by birth. Poor kid, he/she will just be all messed up.

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