Tuesday, February 25, 2014

#Mamavation Monday: Wheat is now my enemy

So the saga of wheat in New Orleans ends with me being super sick and swearing wheat off for life, like forever.

After my last Mamavation post, I went to the doctor and got some bad health news.  My blood sugar was 120 after a 12-hours fast.  That is so not good, like a few more points and I would have been pre- diabetic.  My blood pressure was up.  My weight was up 5 lbs!  In general my usually healthy wheat-free self was trying to cleanse itself and as a result I was going through the wringer.

One comment I did not expect to hear was that I was gluten intolerant.  Now before you jump, I went wheat-free for my daughter. I was nursing and when I ate wheat she broke out.  I never when wheat-free for myself or even for DH who also has a wheat allergy.  Why was this shocking?  Well I think in the back of my mind I was thought of being wheat free as an optional piece of my life.  I could go back to eating like a "normal" person at some point.  This experience has taught me that is not the case.  I need to not only be wheat free but gluten free; I wasn't expecting that.  How did we go from a household with two wheat allergy sufferers to where everyone has some wheat issue?

I am finally feeling better.  I had some tests run today and I'm waiting for results.  I suspect my blood sugar is back to normal.  My blood pressure is back to normal.  I've lost all 5lbs.  My thirst is back to normal and my energy level is returning.  Lesson learned, stay away from wheat!


  1. You have me really concerned. i've been thirsty lately, I eat a lot of sugar and am trying to break it but easily fall into eating it every day.

    I ate grain free for 2 weeks but I think it was too short of a time to tell if it would help.

  2. Wheat is such a tricky thing!! I went wheat, dairy, soy, and egg free while nursing my little one. When I went back to eating things I missed, I gained a lot of weight. Huge correlation. I am glad you found out what wheat does to you and now can avoid it at all cost for good health!!

  3. I am so sorry that you got ill in NOLA. That is not a town to have to turn your back on food. I am on the other side of it now with having a food allergy reversed recently but that shocking news of being told you have food reactivity issues comes with its whole series of sadness from denial to anger to fear of most foods. I wish you the best as you navigate all this information.

  4. Sorry you were sick. I tried going gluten free in January purely because I was intrigued to see if it made a difference, I felt better, but slowly have introduced gluten back and not noticed a difference. I now eat GF pasta and don't eat much bread, so I am eating a lot less than before. Good luck in working it into your daily routine. I'm sure it will help having everyone in the family doing the same thing

  5. Sorry you weren't feeling well, but knowing this issue is half the problem. You got this!!!