Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Soul-warming Wednesday - The Shiz

In cased you missed it the Hidden Village Music Festival is coming in March and as result I'm going to be posting about the different acts coming to Standpipe Coffeehouse in Lufkin!

Today I'm focusing on the incredible work of The Shiz.  They are awesome!  This won't be The Shiz's first time in Lufkin.  I'm lucky that I've been able to watch them twice so far and I can't wait for their return in March.  How these ladies are not as big as the Indigo Girls I honestly don't know.  I call this post soul-warming because that is the only way for me to describe their music.  It warms my soul.  Their song Happy Enough is like a little window into my soul.  The Shiz is about the music and lyrics.  They are about looking in the soul and giving it a way to express itself.  If you are looking for heavy production or fluff then you will need to look elsewhere.  The Shiz is the shiz for real!  See them March 8th live @ Standpipe Coffeehouse!

This is the link to follow The Shiz on spotify.  Go listen to them.  Happy Enough is just, well I have no words but they do so go listen!

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