About Me

I'm Martha.  Started out blogging about my pregnancy back in May of 2009 and now I blog about parenthood, homeschool, unschooling, being wheat-free, training for a 50k (ultramarathon), and just about anything else that comes to mind.  While it is not my goal to offend anyone, I know that my crunchy life isn't for everybody so take what you can and leave the rest :)

As of June 2013, I'm a full-time doctoral student working on my EdD in Educational Leadership and focusing on homeschooling and becoming an educational researcher.  I am mom to Ravebaby Gymgirl (10 years old) and Baby Lala (3 years old).  I am wife to my Dear Husband, who prefers to say nameless so I just blog about him as DH.  I'm also in the process of becoming a derby girl!  I try to not use real names so as to protect the innocent but it's usually pretty easy to figure it out if you are part of my real life.   I finished my doctorate in October of 2016 and I'm currently working as a librarian (my 1st love) at an HBCU.  With my dad's recent diagnoses of colon cancer, I find myself need to write out my feelings again and with extra time on my hands, this blog is again alive and kicking.  My dad is 1 year in remission!  The journey is not over.

You can feel free to drop me an email: martha (@)  wheatlessmama (.) com