Friday, April 29, 2011

My greener period

So I've been slowly trying to green up my life.  I figured that it didn't make sense to cloth diaper but use disposable pads myself.  Besides I was getting so sick of missing my pad all together so I decided to try to Instead Soft Cup

Why the Instead?
Reason 1:  I could buy it right off the store shelf.  I had just missed my pad again and I was not going to take it laying down.  I had to do something now!  I headed to CVS and bought a box.  About $7 for 14 cups.
Reason 2: I had used them before.  Way back in my Hollins days, I had heard some girls talk about the cup and I tried.  After leaving my bathroom looking like a murder scene I gave up.

Well this time around I tried for two periods.  I did use back up, a pad, but didn't need it, mostly.  I did struggle to put it in place properly.  I think with more practice I"ll get it down.  My second month I got it in place twice!  Now the placement is very important but I found that even if I didn't place it just right I still didn't get the horrible bloody butt of shame that comes from an accident.  I would just pour/empty directly into the toilet.  It was much easier.  The times I got it in place just right where wonderful.  Nothing on my pad.  Nothing in the toilet.  It was like not having a period at all!

I did also notice that my period was shortened by a day.  Instead of my five day cycle, using the Instead soft cup I only had four days.  I have no clue why.  I know that other women have reported the same thing.  Maybe it just because you are catching it at the source instead of just running out of you so you have one day less of mess.  Whatever the reason I was super happy.

I didn't have any issue with putting my fingers in there or touching my period.  That is so high school!  I've given birth at home in my livingroom.  No point in getting grossed out now! :)  I know it would bother some people but I was cool.  

I feel like it was worth my time and money.  I will have to buy more before my next cycle since I don't have enough to last me but they are at my local CVS and Walmart so I don't really have to plan ahead.

I am hoping to buy a Diva Cup.  I hear it sits lower in the vagina so the placement is easier.  We'll see.  Unfortunately, the Dive Cup does require some preplanning since you have to order it.  I am also hoping for kit from LunaPads.  I really want to ditch the disposable pads.  If Audrey gets cloth then I want some too!

We'll see how my greening efforts go. 

PS This is totally my opinion.  Instead did not pay me :( to say anything for them.  I bought the box and just wanted to report my findings.  On to the Diva Cup!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My self esteem/downsizing my pants

So on Saturday I headed to Old Navy to find a new Easter dress. I had no luck finding a dress but while there I decided to try on some new pants. Since going wheat free I have lost close to 40 lbs and nothing fits. I'm cheap so I hate to spend money on clothes but people have been making comments so I have to break down and buy some new pants.

So anyways back to Old Navy, I grabbed the size 16 and to my surprise they fit. I wasn't ready for that. For some reason that really shocked me. The pants did just fit they fit! Like the holy Grail of pants, I looked great, felt great, and had no camel toe. I left the store without them. I'm not ready for the 16s in my head. In my head I'm still a size 22 and I'm not sure about my new reality.

I feel good. DH likes me at any size. I know I need new clothes. My jeans fell off my butt while I was jumping with Audrey! I guess what I also need is a reality check. My butt is smaller that doesn't mean anything other than my butt is smaller. Great now that I ran from the prefect pants, which were on sale, I'll never find them again. But even worse, I'll have to pay full price! Anyways, that was my Saturday.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spot the Crunchy Mama

So I have been thinking about how I've changes since high school. Now that I live in my hometown I run into folks from high school but needless to say I ain't the same chick. Back in the day I wanted to be mainstream, all-American, and normal. I've moved to the other direction since Audrey's birth so how is the man on the street suppose to know that offering me a cut in on half-price formula could earn him a kick to the balls? So I have made a small checklist, how to spot the crunchy mama (while you are doing your once over.).

The list is not at all scientific or researched just basically my musings. So in no particular order:

As you approach do you see

Or maybe

You might have a crunchy mama. This is known as babywearing. Notice there is no stroller but baby is on mama's back sound asleep.

You might also notice that baby has a necklace made of amber. This is known as an Amber teething necklace. It helps with teething and growing pains. Yes it works why would crunchy mama spend the money otherwise? Here is a pic:

Does the baby have a very big butt? This could be the sign of a cloth diaper! Yes they make them and people buy and use them. Most crunchies who cloth diaper can't believe anyone would choose to use disposables, what a waste of money and talk about bad for the environment! Beware discussing cloth vs disposables, a crunchy has researched this topic and can talk for hours!
Big butt:

You might also notice the lack of bottles or pacis. Many crunchies refuse to use either. This crunchy uses both but if I'm with baby you won't usually see a bottle cause I just wipe out a boob to feed the baby. You might just see a boob or two if baby/toddler is very active. Do not be afraid. We don't mind and are use to it. Please ask away but be ready for lots of info! This too is a topic of research!

See by no means a complete list. See what else comes to mind? How can we head a mainstream mama spot the crunchy?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm a loser

Okay, so I've got several friends who have babies and I've noticed many talking about sending the baby to granny's for a night.  I have not spent the night away from Audrey and she's 15 months old so needless to say I began feeling like I was a weirdo or really a loser.  What is wrong with me?  Why haven't I sent my baby away for an overnight visit?  She should have time to bond with her grandparents, right?

So I did what every modern mom does, I hit Twitter up with the question, when did you first leave your child for the night?  I mean maybe I"m damaging my child.  So the responses were overwheleming at least 2 years old  and one mom said 4 years old.  This made me feel less like a weirdo.  I'm not the only momma refusing to leave her baby for the night.  But I was thinking about it.  Is my sample actually "normal"?  I mean I follow and am followed by people who think like me.  Most of the people I follow are AP parents, lactivist, and homebirth activist, not exactly mainstream America. 

I don't think I'm any closer to finding out if I'm normal or not with question to the whole leaving your baby thing.  I guess I have to fall back on the old, "it feels right to me."  I guess I also need to do some research on "normal" ages that children spend the night away from their parents.  I know for me, Audrey spending the night down the hall won't happend until she's nightweaned.  She still searchs for boob at least twice a night.  I"m in no hurry to wean her at all so it may be a while yet.  So when do you think it's okay to leave baby for the night?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Did you know?

Did you know that soy sauce has wheat? It is usually the second ingredient after water and before soy! Should be called wheat sauce :)

Did you know that premixed cornbread mixes have wheat? Again, usually list wheat flour before cornmeal. But you can make from scratch and use just ground cornmeal.

Did you know that some hair products have wheat? That one caught me totally be surprise. We got a hair oil for Audrey from my MIL and began using it. Made her hair look great but we noticed her head was breaking out. Stopped to read the label and it was the last ingredient! Seriously, why put wheat in there?

IHOP omelets also have pancake batter. I love their omelets but they have wheat so IHOP is totally off of our list of places to eat.

Just thought I would share.