Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My self esteem/downsizing my pants

So on Saturday I headed to Old Navy to find a new Easter dress. I had no luck finding a dress but while there I decided to try on some new pants. Since going wheat free I have lost close to 40 lbs and nothing fits. I'm cheap so I hate to spend money on clothes but people have been making comments so I have to break down and buy some new pants.

So anyways back to Old Navy, I grabbed the size 16 and to my surprise they fit. I wasn't ready for that. For some reason that really shocked me. The pants did just fit they fit! Like the holy Grail of pants, I looked great, felt great, and had no camel toe. I left the store without them. I'm not ready for the 16s in my head. In my head I'm still a size 22 and I'm not sure about my new reality.

I feel good. DH likes me at any size. I know I need new clothes. My jeans fell off my butt while I was jumping with Audrey! I guess what I also need is a reality check. My butt is smaller that doesn't mean anything other than my butt is smaller. Great now that I ran from the prefect pants, which were on sale, I'll never find them again. But even worse, I'll have to pay full price! Anyways, that was my Saturday.

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