Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm a loser

Okay, so I've got several friends who have babies and I've noticed many talking about sending the baby to granny's for a night.  I have not spent the night away from Audrey and she's 15 months old so needless to say I began feeling like I was a weirdo or really a loser.  What is wrong with me?  Why haven't I sent my baby away for an overnight visit?  She should have time to bond with her grandparents, right?

So I did what every modern mom does, I hit Twitter up with the question, when did you first leave your child for the night?  I mean maybe I"m damaging my child.  So the responses were overwheleming at least 2 years old  and one mom said 4 years old.  This made me feel less like a weirdo.  I'm not the only momma refusing to leave her baby for the night.  But I was thinking about it.  Is my sample actually "normal"?  I mean I follow and am followed by people who think like me.  Most of the people I follow are AP parents, lactivist, and homebirth activist, not exactly mainstream America. 

I don't think I'm any closer to finding out if I'm normal or not with question to the whole leaving your baby thing.  I guess I have to fall back on the old, "it feels right to me."  I guess I also need to do some research on "normal" ages that children spend the night away from their parents.  I know for me, Audrey spending the night down the hall won't happend until she's nightweaned.  She still searchs for boob at least twice a night.  I"m in no hurry to wean her at all so it may be a while yet.  So when do you think it's okay to leave baby for the night?

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  1. you're not alone! my baby has not spent a night away from me since he was born, Actually! this week is the very first time I'll be away from him for a couple of days and the guilt is killing me