Friday, September 28, 2012

The return of The Hates

Just warning you. The Hates will be playing at The Factory again tonight. We missed their show at Standpipe since we were in Va. We are all excited. DH is heading to the barber for a Mohawk. Ravebaby will sport her trademark pony hawk. I'm just going with super str8 hair. I'm going purple while DH and DD want to sport pink, hair that is. Expect pictures. If you are in Lufkin then head to The Factory tonight!

Here is the video from the last show! Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Attachment Parenting ruined my career

And I couldn't be happier! Title is a little misleading I know. You were expecting me to tell you all about how I hate my life now and it's all because of the horrible oppressing expectations of APing. See here is the thing, I feel that APing actually set me straight. Hear me out.

So I kinda felling into APing. Ravebaby was about a year old before I even knew my style of parenting was AP. I had hear so many negative things about AP that since I was so happy I could not possibly be an AP parent.

How did this journey into AP parenting begin? Well I got pregnant and decided to breastfeed. It all starts there. I gave birth to Ravebaby at exactly 38 weeks after having my water broken for about 72 hrs. I had her at home so our first nap was with her on my chest in my bed. That is how I got hooked on co-sleeping. She was so small and every time I would put her in her bed she would cry. It broke my heart so I just kept her next to me. I found it made my life easier too once I returned to work since Ravebaby reversed her nursing pattern. With her in the bed I could nurse her all night and still get some sleep.

The baby wearing came from not wanting to lug a stroller and wanting Ravebaby close. It was just so much easier to put that baby in a Moby wrap and go. She was about 8 weeks old and I've been collecting babywearing gear ever since.

Being a delayed vaxer came from research, a gut feeling, and Ravebaby's reaction to her first round of vaccines. How can I force my baby to take shot after shot and suffer for the next few days at such a young age? We are not totally anti-vax. Just delayed and spaced out.

So on to how it ruined my career. I listen to Ravebaby. I take the time to bond with her. I was a full-time working mom since she was 6 weeks old. I felt like I gave everything I had at work and would be just a shell for Ravebaby. I was in a job I hated working for someone that didn't seem to really want me there so I made the decision to be a mom first instead of a librarian. It was not an easy transition for me. It's been very difficult financially but I wouldn't have it any other way. I am watching Ravebaby grow and learn. I have a part-time job that helps with the bills and keeps me from going nuts from a lack of adult conversation. But when I get home after 5 hours, I have energy for my child. We sing silly songs. We paint. We nurse. We play in the iPad. I get to raise my child.

I do miss library work. When I get ready to go back at some point in the future I'll have a huge gap in my resume. I am cool with that because I also hope to have a daughter that is happy, healthy, and productive. APing has ruined my career and I thank God for it.

Just a picture of Ravebaby washing dishes. Yes it's messing and gets nothing clean but it's fun and she's learning. I really love my life.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

GF Expo - Outrageous Baking

So the first people I want to tell you about are Outrageous Baking out of Boulder CO.  They were at the very back of the expo and they were mobbed.  To be honest I had never heard of them before seeing them at the expo so see this is why I think that expo is well worth it.

So who is Outrageous? They are a dedicated wheat/gluten/soy/dairy free bakery.  I was very surprised by how good the samples tasted.  I has skipped them at first but DH insisted that I had to try them and that we were buying something.  Thank you DH for dragging me back there. 

I tried their Chocolate Zucchini bread and I have to admit I was not loving it.  It seems a little fudge-y to me.  I don't like fudge.  I wasn't sold and was ready to move on and then DH shoved Lemon Poppy Seed in my mouth and I suddenly forgot I was eating gluten-free.  If you are gluten-free then you know that is no small feat.  We bought one loaf and got handed a slice of pumpkin bread for later too. 

I was so excited.  I had to slap my own hand from opening up the fresh Lemon Poppy Seed and eating it right then and there.  We did manage to save it for the next day but it didn't last past Sunday.  The poor delicious little loaf was devoured.  How could we resist?  The pumpkin bread was very good too.  Ravebaby stole my half but of what I got I will say it tasted like fall in the Piedmont.  It was really good.

Follow them on facebook: (I've heard they'll be posting coupon codes!)
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Tell them that I sent you but they have no clue who I am so it really doesn't matter.  Seriously, they are worth the price.  Why couldn't they be based in Lufkin?  Oh well such is life of a small town Wheatless Mama.

Disclaimer:  I was given a free slice of Pumpkin Bread but I paid for the Lemon Poppy Seed bread loaf.  I was not given anything money or more free bread for this review.  Outrageous Baking is great!  I'm waiting for the next payday to order more.  Shipping is a killer but for them I'll willing.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gluten and allergen free Expo - Dallas: Review - how I felt

How much would you pay to feel normal? How much would you pay to relax when you didn't realize just how tense you were? How much would you pay to finally see that you are really not alone? My cost: $40 for tickets and $130 in gas.

When DH and I first started talking about going to Dallas on Sept 8, it was just to see Social Bliss play a show. Then about 3 weeks ago I realized that the Gluten & Allergen Expo would be in town, I just had to make it happen. Dallas is a 3.5 hr drive so it could be a day trip. Kill two birds with one stone; expo for a couple of hours and then Social Bliss. Sounds like a great day to me!

Wednesday my allergies began to kick my ass. By Friday I looked like hell and DH was wondering if we should be going anywhere. By bedtime my voice was walking out the door. Saturday morning, my voice was gone and thoughts of staying crept in. 9am I woke DH up and started getting dressed to go. He still had doubts. Ravebaby woke up and didn't want to go anywhere. About an hour away DH got car sick. We were really wondering if we had made the right decision.

We found the conference center and as we walked up the energy changed. We started to relax. Once we got to the Udi's table and Ravebaby focused on pizza and brownies, I relaxed. It occurred to me that I didn't need to freak out about what DD was grabbing to eat. She could eat everything! There in that place we were normal. There in that place we were just like everyone else. Every single person in that expo was dealing with living without.

After having two incidents in the last two weeks of telling Ravebaby no, it was liberating to say yes to everything. It was a bit overwhelming to realize that I didn't have to ask if it had wheat. No wheat allowed. No need to ask. There was pizza, sandwich bread, pita bread, cake, pie, chips, crackers and the list goes on. There in that place for the first time in almost three years, I could relax.

Wa the trip worth it? It feels like a MasterCard commercial:
Gasoline for the trip: $130
Entrance fee: $40
Finally feeling normal: priceless

To be continued: up next - products

Friday, September 7, 2012

Proud member of Steeler Nation

So as a Texan, I take a lot of heat for not being a Cowboys fan. How can you live at close to Dallas and like the Steelers? Are you from Pittsburgh? Is your family from Pittsburgh? How can you like the Steelers?! Dallas is America's team!

Well the story is pretty simple and a little embarrassing. So I'm going to tell you but don't spread it around. My love of the Steelers is all Coach Bill Cowher's fault. How can it be his fault? Well back in the day, my family lives out in the booneys, the sticks, BFE, you know out in the middle of nowhere. My parents could not afford a satellite so we were had one channel, ABC, which meant watching Monday Night Football. I was not a football fan but it was noise so we had it on. One day the Steelers were playing and they showed Coach Cowher on the screen. My first thought: Sgt. Slaughter! That's all it took, seriously, I've been a Steelers fan since. I've come a long way from those days under DH's tutelage I've learn I made a smart choice. My tram is awesome. I can talk football with the guys and even make some smart calls.

I own a terrible towel, which I bought in Virginia Beach, VA. I have my very own Troy Polamalu jersey. Love me some Troy on the field. Love watching him bring people down and stripping people of the ball, so hot. He is my top freebie.

So in short the Steelers became my team on a fluke and the need for glasses. The Groom is a huge Steelers fan; he wore a Steelers tie to his wedding. Really before the Steelers '06 super bowl win, I didn't let the Groom know I liked the Steelers; it was just too much fun to tease him. Yes I am a member of Steeler nation and yes I love in Cowboy country and no I don't mind.

Am I the only who thinks these guys look a little alike? :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Read with me

Ravebaby reading with a friend. To protect friend's identity, since you shouldn't post pics of other people's children, I'm using the pictures I took with Photo booth on my iPad. Still cute.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tear away stripper pants: Part 3 - converting regular jeans

Sorry this post is like 3 months late! Here is the link back to making the stripper pants from a pattern.
What do you need:
1 pair of pants
Hook & loop/ Velcro
Snap pliers or snap press
2 snaps
Strong sewing machine needle (I was sewing jeans so I went for extra strong)
Thread to match pants

Pick a pair of pants that are just a bit loose. Not gigantic since you can't wear a belt but loose enough you can afford to loose about an inch in the waist.

Step 1: use a seam ripper to rip up the outside leg seams

Step 3: once you have both outside leg seams you will need to cut the waist. This is were you lose an inch or so. You'll notice that there is no extra material in the waist. There is about half an inch on each side in the seams but nothing in the waist.

Step 4: time to add the hook and loop/Velcro. I use 1/2 inch Velcro and use one long continuous piece on the jeans for Jailbait that was about 36 inch per leg. You don't want to go all of the way up. Stop at before the waist. You want the softer fuzzy part on the butt side and stiffer hooks on the zipper side. The tricky area will be around the pocket snaps. I suggest just sewing as close as possible but not stressing if it isn't straight like the rest of the seam.

Step 5: the waist snaps. At this point you should be able to put on your pants and them stay on but the waist all open. My suggestion is snaps. I have snap pliers and you should be able to buy them at your local crafting store.

I used "S" snaps for sexy! These are stripper pants after all! You should be done.

This is pretty simple. Rip, sew, snap, strip! Enjoy the show!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Reflections on running and betrayal

I've run 9 miles in three days. On Saturday, DH kicked me out of house and sent me running. The air was hard to breathe; it was so caked with water but there was no rain in sight. I hate summers in East Texas. Back in my high school days this would have been the opening years race. Always the hardest one since you can't breathe and are still getting back in shape. Back then I would have only run 2 miles. That was the race and that was my end point. Saturday, I ran 5 miles. I was so slow. It was so difficult but it got done and I felt great after I ate. I managed to run it in about 70 mins. Honestly not that bad and I ran it instead of doing a walk/run combo. My longest run ever! Today I went for a 4 mile run and the weather was a bit better and I took a less hilly route. I managed to shave a minute off my last 4 mile time.

I keep getting up and going for my runs. I try for 3 times a week and average about 2.5 miles per run and I manage and turtle pace of 13:45 per mile. I don't look pretty at any point, before, during, after. I doubt myself before and during and I always feel like I could go a bit farther after each run. I feel stronger and more centered. What do I think about for 2.5 miles? I get my mind ready for my day. I let go of the past. I try to meditate on the lessons life is trying to teach me. Honestly for most of the run I am trying to talk myself to keep going. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

It's just a run. It doesn't really change the world but at the same time, I am a changed person. I smile more. I'm a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I don't hold on to things/thoughts. The runs don't leave room to hold on to negative thoughts. I have to believe in me and my body and I can't be worried about gossip if I'm facing a hill and 4 miles to go.

So what does that have to do with betrayal. I mean that is the real reason you are sticking with this post, the dirt! There really isn't much dirt to share. The last week has brought betrayal back to the forefront of my mind. Yesterday's sermon was about reaping what you sow. Oprah's life class was about betrayal among women. A close friend of DH's was dealing with some betrayal his life. From all of this I see this: each betrayal is a lesson about me. They teach me to be more careful in who I trust. They teach me to analyze my own motivations in sharing information. They teach me.

I am a very hard headed person. I have had some friends that taught me that I trust too easily. I give too much. I require too much. Because I don't listen, these are lessons that I've had to have repeated exposure to. I am a trusting soul. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I look as everyone as my friend. Jeffery Duhmer and I would have been tight right up until he killed me for opening the fridge. DH really keeps an eye on who I hang with because I just trust everyone. However, I am learning to keep my mouth shut and listen more. I don't blab my whole life to everyone anymore. I am learning that I am me and I only control me. Just because I help someone move doesn't mean they will ever return the favor and that is my issue not theirs. I can not expect someone to react the way I would react. I have to accept people for whom they are and not who I expect them to be. I am learning. I am trying to be more zen and just roll with the hills of life. All past betrayals are forgiven but the lessons are not forgotten. I am learning.

Just a photo from my local running group. Seems to apply to a lot of my life not just running.