Friday, July 17, 2009

Sleeping on my back

Sleeping on my back is another thing I can no longer do! Who knew? Why aren't people telling me these things? I know other pregnant women complain about getting advice and stories but no one is telling me a thing! No motherly advice, no mother-in-law calling me up, no sisters, no sisters-in-law! No one. I kinda feel alone in the whole thing. Just me, Ray, and Bud, and none of us has ever had a baby before. I find myself asking my puppy Jasmin about being pregnant. She is only one in the house who is ever had a baby, well puppies. Give me advice people! For once I have no answers, only questions. I can do lots of research but something tells me that talking to other woman might be more helpful. Besides crazy advice would make a great posting for my blog!

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