Friday, November 13, 2009

Bud's schedule

So I am beginning to notice that Baby Bud has a schedule. Up around 6am (just like me), ready for lunch around 11:30, snack time: 3:30 or so, dinner is around 6:00 and then party time is 10:30 (just like Ray). I'm sure there are other time that Bud is active but maybe I'm just too busy to notice. I do wonder if the pattern will continue once Bud is out of the womb? I don't want to see Bud mix up the day and night. Ray is still mixed-up and he's 30!
Ray and I have come to the gender crossroads. He thinks Bud is a girl. I'm still convinced that Bud is a boy. I know a lot of people have been irritated that we didn't go ahead and find out the sex of Baby Bud but now the whole surprise thing is especially fun. We can debate and people chime in. We read old wives' tales. It's just fun to wonder. I mean right now Bud can be anything. I don't have an image of Bud boy as a lawyer or Bud girl as a pilot; Bud is still very abstract. Who and what Bud will become is a total mystery. With about 7 weeks to go I am getting more and more excited about meeting Bud and discovering who this little baby is!

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