Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2 teeth

Audrey now has 2 teeth! The last two weekends, she has been fussy followed by a brand new tooth on Monday. These little teeth are sharp! They hurt when she bites down on your finger. They hurt when she bites down on the boobies.

I find myself getting all sentimental. She is growing so fast. It hardly seems possible that she already has teeth. I feel like I just found out I was going to have a baby and now she has teeth! It is also exciting watching her grow. She's about 17 pounds and 25 inches tall. She looks like her daddy with just a hint of me thrown in. She is the most beautiful shade of caramel and it looks like she is going to have her Abulita's hair, curly, thick, and just a little coarse. All in all I would say I have a real beauty on my hands.

She also has a strong personality. She likes to be tickled. She loves music videos. She wants the doggies to play with her but once she's done she lets them know it. She is also strong for a baby. You can actually see her 6-pack abs! The doctor commented that she must be strong since she held her head off the table for most of her appointment.

I am amazed by her. I'm truly humbled that God has given me this awesome task. I know my journey into motherhood is still in the beginning stages. I have a lifetime of learning still to do. But for now, I'll enjoy those 2 little teeth. Boobs heal so I'll try not to focus on the new found pain. I'll just wait for each new tooth and remember fondly when she didn't have any. Man, people were not joking when they said they grow up so quickly.

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