Sunday, October 10, 2010

!Kung babies

Okay so DH and I were talking today about our parenting style and the job we are doing with Audrey.  It was all prompted by a bad trip to the Dairy Queen after which both DH and Audrey got unintended wheat exposure.  Audrey suffer alot for our lack of research.  Lesson learned! 

But anyways, but to !Kung babies.  As part of this talk, DH reminded me of a time when we were back in high school, about 17 or so and he told me all about the way the !Kung people of Africa raised their children.  He was very impressed that they would put their babies on their backs and go on about their day.  I remember looking at him and saying that is crazy and I'll never do that!  Famous last words since of course I'm all into babywearing.  I toss Audrey on my back and move about my day.

I think the funny part is that I had shot the idea down without knowing anything about it.  It makes me so glad that I was 30 before I had children.  I was a stupid teenage and I don't think I would have been any better as a mom at in my 20s.  Having lived a little and met so many people has allowed my world to expand and for me to research and get to see the best practices of baby/child rearing. 

DH was saying today that he can totally see what that article the !Kung meant about babywearing and raising.  I think part of the reason I laughed it off back in the day was his whole love of the idea of a baby that can face down a lion.  That was his whole reason for wanting to raise a !Kung baby, so it can face down a lion!  But I understand it know.  Audrey is confident and happy.  She is a little too fearless for my taste.  She climbs on top of boxes and stands up.  She climbs to the edge of the bed to peek over and manages to just hold on and not fall over.  She crawls right into the middle of our dogs playing and expects them to part and they do!  I honestly think she could face down a lion.  It's kind of incredible. 

Without meaning to I'm raising a !Kung baby.  I'm raising a confident woman that can face down lions.  I think DH was right, the !Kungs have it going on!  Well played DH.  I guess I finally have to put a mark in your "WAS RIGHT" column.   

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